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Why a sculpture

Despite the undeniable value of all types of art, sculpture is one of the more intriguing. It is a medium through which a skilled artist can spatially objectify ideas. To magically even enchant something ephemeral into a tangible form. It is one of the few means of expression that the viewer can not only see, but also touch - and sometimes even smell the material from which it is made. To experience with multiple senses. The uniqueness of sculpture, therefore, finds its source precisely in the firm encroachment on the sensory input of the viewer. The above properties of sculpture are the reason why we decided to focus on this sphere of art. After all, it has become our mission to bring this amazing phenomenon to a wider audience - to invite them to discover the wonders of sculpture on their own.

Two exhibitions that are important to us are the mobile cultural offer of presenting the works of Polish artists so that their works are available to the viewer outside their place of creation.

Project Subsidized by funds from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Fund for the Promotion of Culture - state purpose fund.

time and location

masters of students of sculpture
K&K Art Gallery, Warsaw, Poland Conference and Exhibition Centre KASZTEL in Szymbark
August 4, 2022-August 19, 2022 15.12.2022 - 31.12.2022
The project of the Foundation Open Creative Studio – Plus Ultra Exhibitions of Masters of Sculpture in 2022 A series of two group exhibitions of important Polish sculptors will be organised; both exhibitions will be shown at two locations: in Warsaw and Zakopane. The activities of the Plus Ultra cycle aim to bring the works of exceptional sculptors of both the older and the new generations closer to a wider audience. The name of the project refers to the Latin expression “ever on. ” It is a paraphrase non plus ultra (no more than that) that refers to the words written by the mythological Hercules on two pillars that he placed at the supposed end of the world. By holding exhibitions that show the most important trends in Polish contemporary sculpture, we want to encourage the public to continue to search – to develop not only in the field of knowledge about art, but also in its spirituality – in order to fulfill the idea of ever more. Plus Ultra is a mobile cultural offering based on the presentation of artworks by Polish artists so that their works would be accessed throughout the country. The first exhibition in the series – “Masters of Sculpture” – will show artworks by artists who are, so to speak, “base” to contemporary Polish sculpture. The second exhibition will be the exhibition “Scholars of Sculpture”, which focuses on sculptors of the younger generation. Although the themes of the two exhibitions differ, they are ideally linked, reflecting the desire to honor Polish artists and to arouse interest in the art of different audiences.

plus ultra

The name of the project refers to the Latin phrase meaning ''on and on'. It is a paraphrase of non plus ultra (nothing else but) follows the words inscribed by the mythological Hercules on the two poles he erected at the supposed end of the world. Through the realization of exhibitions showing the most important trends in Polish contemporary sculpture, we want to encourage their audiences to continue their search - to develop themselves not only in the field of art knowledge, but also their spirituality - to fulfill the idea still further.

The first in a series of exhibitions - Masters of - will exhibit works by artists who are, one could say, the ''pillars'' of Polish contemporary sculpture. The exhibition will present a cross-section of the work of these older generations of sculptors; the main currents of the activities of individual artists and the styles they practiced in sculpture. The event is intended to remind the public of artists uncommonly seen in Polish contemporary galleries, but who have contributed significantly to the current condition of Polish sculpture. Presented will be: Jan Kucz, Barbara Zbrożyna, Władysław Hasior, Stanisław Słonina, Wiesław Fijałkowski, Antoni Rząsa, Stanisław Kulon and Zofia Demkowska.
The second exhibition will be an exhibition of Students of sculpture - focusing on sculptors of the younger generation. As in the case of the first exhibition in the series, here too the aim will be to present the styles in which younger artists from the Polish sculpture arena create, as well as their main currents of activity. The two exhibitions, although different in theme, are ideologically linked - as they are an expression of the desire both to appreciate the creators of Polish culture and to stimulate interest in art among participants of different everyday life.