Another anniversary presented at K&K Art Gallery. This time, on 28.10.2021, a demonstration of the historical existence of ZPAP of the Warsaw District was presented.

The Association of Polish Artists and Designers is the largest association of artists in the country, founded in Krakow in 1911. It brings together almost 5000 visual artists.

ZPAP has 21 districts in the largest cities of Polish. Exhibition activities are carried out in dozens of union art galleries.

ZPAP is the organizer of many international and national painting and sculpture plein-airs.

For many years, we have been striving for changes in the laws regulating the issues of practicing the profession of a visual artist (e.g. „Act on Spatial Planning and Development”, „Construction Law”, „Act on Housing Cooperatives”, „Act on Copyright and Related

Rights”). In 1996, we organized a UNESCO conference devoted to the status of the artist and since then we have been striving for this status to be respected by Poland.

As Polish National Committee of the International Association of Art/UNESCO, we have a representative on the IAA World Executive Committee. ZPAP is also represented in the Council of Artists of Europe.

In accordance with the objectives set out in the statute, ZPAP supports the development and dissemination of artistic creativity, it also deals with the protection of the freedom of artistic creativity.

Acting as part of a partnership project co-financed from the Funds for the Promotion of Culture of the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport.